About Us

Swift Bicycles is a genuine brand and industry, passionate about cycling and a company that develops its own products to bring you the best cycling experience. We have our own design team and always use the best materials, because we believe that this is what makes a difference when it comes to delivering the best bike possible.

It doesn't matter on which roads, or on which trails you're riding, because we are also out there! Only us cyclists, who continuously strive to be better, know how to deliver an incredible experience, and therefore this is what Swift always wants to have and see on the market. This is our DNA.

Today Swift Bicycles is  a global company, with its own headquarters and  manufacturing facilities in Europe and Latin America. We are constantly seeking to make a difference and to always be tuned into new market trends: this is how we can motivate more people to join this incredible community of cyclists and showcase all the positive repercussions of this growing market.

We invest continuously in the development of our products, in the quality of the materials we use, in technology and innovation, but we also invest in our interaction with society by sponsoring athletes and events, building cycling tracks and collaborating with organizations that aim to make the world of cycling better and more sustainable. All this together leads to inspiring stories that allow us to bring more people into this healthy lifestyle and stimulate the use of bicycles from an early age.

Swift Bicycles is proud to be a true brand. A manufacturing brand, totally responsible for all its products and that actively seeks to make its production processes more sustainable and environmentally friendly. A significant part of our manufacturing is handmade and therefore we can focus on every detail during production of our bicycles. We are 100% committed to the highest quality standards in every bike we deliver to cyclists and aim to leave a better cycling planet for future generations. We do not dream about other bikes, we want our bikes to be every cyclist's dream! 

This is our commitment to you and our bike community. Welcome to our world.